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The conversation that needs to be held. Operation 23 to zero put 23 boots a day on state capitol steps in Minnesota.  The photo to the right is a visual representation  of veteran suicide rates in only 5 days = 110 Veterans and 5 Active Duty Soldiers committing suicide.

Bringing awareness is only half the battle, making resources available and putting the word out to newly separated veterans going into the reintegration process can help prevent a lot of roads that lead down towards suicide. is on a mission to help our Veterans gain access to organizations and help that they need, including but not limited to: helping gain access for health and well-being through the Veteran’s Administration’s lengthy and confusing processes, teaching Veteran’s how to cope with their issues by educating and fostering coping skills, and to get Veteran’s reemployed and off of the streets.  Their are many articles on the site that are meant to help and inspire Veterans.  To teach civilians how to handle Veterans and help them stay employed. is active in their community outreach to help Veterans get off of the street, reemployed, and fighting to curtail Veteran suicide.

Veterans Alternative
To serve veterans experiencing triggers related to combat and/or military sexual trauma and their families through a resilience & strength-based program utilizing proven alternative therapies.

They offer a variety a therapeutic tools you can use, everything from martail arts, yoga, physical training to even a obstacle course.
With this epidemic running through our ranks of veterans, we need to take a stand as a team. We are currently hosting events along with attending many other events to help our veterans in every way possible. We are currently offering emergency financial assistance, VA benefits help, help transitioning, advocacy, wellness services, camaraderie, and a 24/7 crisis hotline. We need your help to make this happen. We need any kind of donations, money, household goods, canned foods, hygiene products, bedding, gift cards, and volunteers. We ask you to take a stand and help us bring this number to zero! We can only do this as a team, so join us and it will happen.

Operation 23 to 0

Operation: 23 to Zero is an effort to curb the massive rates of veteran and military suicide through awareness and providing a network of fellow military members to connect with for help and support.

Redcon-1 Music Group

To help control symptoms of PTSD for our warfighter community through Music and Making Music.
– Benefits of Music Therapy –
* Reduce Stress, Depression & Anxiety * Increase in expressing  emotions *  Reconnect with friends and family   * Bring comfort towards dealing with    PTSD, for both Veteran & family * Decrease PAIN Today, music therapy helps returning Troops and veterans, as well as their loved ones. “It’s a whole different energy than just talking about the trauma,” says Ron Borczon, a professor of music at California State University at Northridge who specializes in music therapy. “Through the musical experience, they find hope that they can get better,” he says. Performing and listening to music lowers stress levels by providing an avenue for expressing emotions. It’s also a fallback and healthy distraction from pain. Music can even induce physical changes, lowering heart rate, tension, and blood pressure. The effects are strongest if the person plays music because playing gives them a sense of control, a boost of confidence, and an overall feeling of enjoyment through the release of endorphin’s.   Soldier Hard, the founder of Redcon-1 Music Group couldn’t agree more. He himself served in the US Army, and was diagnosed with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by several Civilian & VA Doctors. “When I create music, I literally get lost, I forget about anything going on around me, I escape to a beautiful place where I love being, words really can’t explain it, everything’s just right,” Soldier Hard says.  “Studies show that music can trigger the brain to release chemicals that distract the body from pain” Even in extreme cases like PTSD, where an individual’s level of stress reaches a point where it’s difficult to lead a comfortable life, music therapy can help control anxiety and bring comfort both to those suffering from the condition and their families. “Music and music making are tools I use to process through what I’ve experienced,” says Soldier Hard Music has been used as a healing force for centuries. Music therapy goes back to biblical times, when David played the harp to rid King Saul of a bad spirit. As early as 400 B.C., Hippocrates, Greek father of medicine, played music for his mental patients. Aristotle described music as a force that purified the emotions. In the thirteenth century,  hospitals contained music-rooms for the benefit of the patients. In the United States, Native American medicine men often employed chants and dances as a method of healing patients. Music therapy as we know it began in the aftermath of World Wars I and II. Musicians would travel to hospitals, and play music for the Troops suffering from war-related emotional and physical trauma.     ​          “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”                                                                                                             – Bob Marley 

Dysfunctional Veterans

Good organization full of profanity and the hate for the civilian sector, they sell shirts, hoodies, stickers and more. they run a weekly radio show  as well. They are there for the Veteran community, to help support difficulties we all experience trying to reintegrate back into society.

DV Radio

Check out DV- Radio and All Radio X for more veteran radio shows.!arxv-home/ci1d


According to a 2014 study by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on any given night approximately 50,000 veterans are without shelter. While the government continues to acknowledge that there is an immediate need to address this issue we cannot sit idly by waiting for a solution. The DV Farm is designed as a temporary housing facility that will address the needs of veterans that do not have the means to generate a stable living situation for themselves. Along with room and board the farm will provide a stable food program to ensure that residents’ nutritional needs are met as well.

Veteran Radio Syndicate’s is an all veteran online radio station, to listen on the go download the Tunein mobile app and podcast.

Veterans Radio Syndicate’s  tackles serious issues in the veteran community and giving voice to veterans as well as some laughs.

Weed For Warrior's
WFW Project was started in the San Francisco Bay Area by an OEF United States Marine Corps Veteran who found relief from his service connected disabilities through Medical Marijuana and the fellowship of other like minded Veterans within the cannabis community. With the help of organizations like SANTA CRUZ VETERANS ALLIANCE, WFW Project was able to provide local Veterans with medical marijuana information, a safe place to fellowship with other Veterans and safe access to free medicine with proof of service/ current medical recommendation.